Simple essay on my first day at school

I also took my bag and hurried back to my home. I reached my classroom. We all waited in front of the school office. Since the examinations were at hand so we could hardly lose any item in making long speeches and unnecessary formalities. The drawing teacher was highly pleased when I set aside my nervousness and drew the picture of a jug on the black board.

Short essay on my first day at secondary school

I felt a bit nervous in the new environment. He patted me on my back. The students of the 11th class were host to it. There are different organizational patterns to choose from when writing your personal essay, and you think about getting our professional college paper writing service guidance if you are not familiar with them.

Of course I was of the school going age.

How to Plan an Essay on My First Day at Schoo l

So the right type of educational school is for great importance for him. I even feared the teachers for some odd reason. It was an enjoyable time for me as I got to know my new classmates.

My writing started here in kindergarten. They make the parting day attractive. It gave me a terrible feeling of fear and anxiety as I went to school with my father. It was all so new and unknown to me at the time. It was big building with a large compound wall. I replied some of his questions promptly.

At first, I was not able to understand why there were so many teachers. Actually my mother went home soon after for she knew I would be all right.

Short Essay on the First Day at My School

I was happy about going to school with all these new things, but what I felt sad about was that I had to make new friends too. Some of us headed for the tuck-shop while the rest headed for their parents. It was a primary school. We had to introduce ourselves.

My First Day at School – Short Essay

It was a small school with eight rooms. Party over, a group photograph was arranged. It is natural on the part of every student to remember the first day at school. Start with some catchy and engaging sentence that will get right into the story you want to tell readers about your first day at school.

My father introduced me to the Headmaster and requested him to admit me to the school.I remember my first day at school very well because it was such a new experience for me.

I was five years old at that time, and felt very excited on the way to school. My father introduced me to my class teacher who was a very kind lady called Miss.

Kohli. My First Day at School. Essay on My First Day at School for kid Introduction Many events happened in my life long ago. I have forgotten some events.

But I distinctly remember some. They will remain fresh in my memory. My fist day at school is one such event. My first day at school: My mother accompanied me to school on the first day.

Other parents accompanied their children as well. We all waited in front of the school office. Essay on my first day at new school. Essay on my first day at new school. 5 stars based on reviews Essay.

Effects of fatherlessness essay writing social reconstructionism in education essay introduction on cigarette smoking should be banned argumentative essay. Essay. First Day at School-Simple Essay/Paragraph for children,kids,students of grade 3,4,5,6, was my first day at school.

I had a new bag, water bottle, new books. My First Day at School – Short Essay. Article shared by. This is a sample Essay about My First Day at School. I got up early in the morning on this day. I got myself prepared. With my father I started towards my new school.

We entered the office where I saw four men sitting behind the counter.

My First Day at School - Essay

My father got a form, from one of them.

Simple essay on my first day at school
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