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Indeed, an approximate form of the BdG equation maps, after appropriate identifications, to an equation of relativistic field theory that has been investigated by Jackiw and Rossi [6], who discovered zero-energy solutions. Following a stroke, he was in poor health for two years before passing away on November 28, at the age of The day-long symposium was followed by a dinner attended by the speakers, as well as the family, friends and colleagues of Professors Greenberger and Sarachik.

The thesis begins by describing a family of methods and models with interactions so high that electrons effectively disappear as particles and new bound states arise.

Phases and phase transitions of strongly correlated electron systems

Binlin Wu graduated in B 61 61, [9] G. The second binary index labels a pseudospin, arising from the non-trivial residual symmetry of the unit cell, which roughly speaking specifies whether the electron is on the A or B sublattice of the bipartite honeycomb lattice.

Thirty two students received Pouyan ghaemi thesis award in the academic year. The thesis proceeds from helical particles on the surface of black hole to a surface of samarium hexaboride: Degree from the University of Illinois in working on the diffusion of radioactive ions in crystals.

We study chapter 5 a simplified 1D Kondo model, showing that the topology of its ground state is unstable to KBB.

As a result the former zero-energy states are shifted. He served the Army until Here we point out that vortices, or more generally multivortices, in this state acquire interesting internal structure. We still do not have a general framework to explain these properties. We would then still find zero modes to satisfy the index theorem for the slightly perturbed D, but we could not use them to get zero modes of the amended Eqns.

On the other hand, from the definition interchange of l and m is a trivial operation. Inhigher education in China was still recovering from the Cultural Revolution. On the surface of topological insulators [10] there is a single Dirac band, and the index theory discussed here predicts the presence of single Majorana mode in the induced vortex core, as was studied previously by other means [11].

Each building has a unique identity in the interior with a somewhat common exterior appearance. The mission of the ASRC is to be a catalyst for interdisciplinary scientific research and discovery and develop a university—wide integrated scientific research network. The research to be pursued will be collaborative and interdisciplinary.

Matthew Gilbert

The two buildings will be connected at the base by a number of shared facilities, which include a vivarium, a receiving area, building support activities, and various shared core facilities, such as imaging modalities, cryogenic equipment, and materials characterization facilities.

Professor Alexios Polychronakos was elected chair of the Physics department and assumed responsibilities on July 1, This nontrivial structure leads to anisotropic effect of strong correlations. Specifically, the scanning probe micro-scope he and the team constructed was designed to operate in mK environments and 16 Tesla magnetic fields.

Unlike in conventional s-wave superconductors, the d-wave pairing state in these materials has an internal phase of the pair potential. The existence of such a transition has a number of interesting implications for spin liquid based approaches to the underdoped cuprates and clarifies existing ideas for incorporating antiferromagnetic long range order into such a spin liquid based approach.

Kramer was involved in the experiments carried out with the Multi-particle Spectrometer MPS and MPS-II, development of various detector systems for particle physics experiments, such as, the silicon multiplicity detector system, time projection chamber TPC detector system, development of very high event rate data acquisition system, and relativistic heavy ion collision experiments.Download "Curriculum Vitæ.

Eduardo Filipe Vieira de Castro Date of birth 15th of February Instituto Superior Técnico - IST". Jul 01,  · Thermoelectric properties of an ultra-thin topological insulator. PubMed.

Islam, S K Firoz; Ghosh, T K. Thermoelectric coefficients of an ultra-thin topological insula. Phases and phase transitions of strongly correlated electron systems by Pouyan Ghaemi Mohammadi Submitted to the Department of Physics in partial fulfillment of the.

Hsiang-Hsuan Hung, Pouyan Ghaemi, Taylor L. Hughes, and Matthew J. Gilbert, "Vortex Lattices in the Superconducting Phases of Doped Topological Insulators and Heterostructures," Physical Review B 87, (). Curriculum Vitae SENTHIL TODADRI Citizenship: India Department of Physics Birthdate: September 6, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Thesis title: Quantum Phase Transitions in Random Spin Systems.

Higher angular momentum Kondo liquids, Pouyan Ghaemi, T. Senthil, Phys. Rev.

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B 75, () Amperean. See arXiv:cond-mat/ for short version \\ \\ arXiv From: Pouyan Ghaemi >pouyan(at)ltgov2018.com Date: Fri, 12 Oct GMT (62kb,D) Title: Angle dependent quasiparticle weights in correlated metals Authors ltgov2018.com-el Comments: PhD Thesis submitted to Rutgers University (January ), pages.

Pouyan ghaemi thesis
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