Phi 103 critical thinking quiz

Inductive arguments are evaluated in terms of: A conjunctive argument is an argument that: It is a good idea to verify sources that are listed in the works cited page of the articles that you use in your research.

They give people confidence that they can defend themselves. Kenan Malik would agree most with which of the following statements about freedom of speech: Christ is believed to have died in place of the believer, who is accounted righteous as a result of this sacrificial payment.

DuBois claims that this occurs when the stronger members in society do not protect the weaker members: From July to January they get shorter and shorter. DuBois claims that African Americans of his day tended to view the law in this manner Educational Technology, 18, Which of the following is the conclusion of the argument?

A straw man argument does the following 5. The following are criteria that one can use to judge credibility 5.

Singer uses this example to illustrate his ideas about helping others. An obvious disadvantage of mastery learning is that the less capable students who do not achieve the criterion as quickly take longer to master the material.

Identify the premises that he uses to support his claim that Socrates should escape.

PHI/103 Complete Course

Which of the following standards of thinking relates to how one might verify the truth of a statement or claim?

July is the month during which more ice cream is sold than any other time of the year. Socrates would agree most with which of the following claims about wisdom?

It is important to protect yourself if you fear you are being attacked. Also standardized achievement tests show less effectiveness for the approach than do experimenter-made tests. Having read the Apology, you now know that Socrates was convicted and given a punishment of death. The school budget has taken a hit since the economic downturn.

Bloom recognized that one aspect of mastery learning is learning in sequence, where sequencing is described as hierarchical. This is based on the function that our educational system performs for us in the United States.

Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves. Instead, Barth argued that God always interacts with people under the covenant of grace, and that the covenant of grace is free of all conditions whatsoever.

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This argument has 1 premise. Nussbaum claims that the typical idea of a good member of society is: This program was similar to mastery learning in the sense that the focus was on the role of feedback in learning and on individualized learning.Ashford University * * School Info Ashford University has departments in Course Hero withdocuments and 6, answered questions.

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Upload a PDF or design from scratch flyers, magazines, books and more. Author: duminyroy4, Catalog: PHI Week 4 Critical Thinking Quiz (Ash Course), Published: Nov 28, Mar 06,  · Diagnosis of herpes zoster is based primarily on the history and physical findings—specifically, the characteristic location and appearance of the skin eruption in .

Phi 103 critical thinking quiz
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