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Changes in its organisational behaviour were implemented through the appointment of Ullman. However, the process of change cannot be taken lightly, as there are others who oppose changes and this was no different in the JCP case study. They learned how to make a commission, when to push items, and when not to.

Organisational Culture Jc Penney

JCP was driving away associates due to its workplace culture. Give your comments with reasons. Within two years of starting the culture change initiatives, results pertaining to job satisfaction, attracting talent, and the bottom line were visible.

To inspire the employees and project JCP as a great place to work in, Ullman and his team initiated various symbolic changes.

With the intense competition found in the retail sector in the late s, JC Penney began to find its place in the market was under pressure and profits began to decline. Ullman even had to make Organisational culture jc penney during the course of this change; he fired Catherine West, who was just been been in the company as COO for the course of six months.

These are statements made about the organisation, what it does, and how it does it, which reflect the culture. The most important aspects of management include planning, budgeting, organising, staffing, controlling, and problem solving. The South American influence can be seen in lines of clothing developed that are specifically aimed at the Hispanic population.

What do you see as the key components in its having Organisational culture jc penney it goals, at least in the Organisational culture jc penney term? Leadership is a set of processes that creates organisations in the first place or adapts them to significantly changing circumstances. InJCP managed to further this projection with a further Leaders must signal and support important cultural values through daily actions.

Celebrate certain milestones or achieving targets. He knows that problems should be dealt with as soon as it rises before the problem start to affect the process of change he is aiming for. DaftPg gives a number techniques to maintain a healthy culture that could be used to maintain the momentum of change.

Changes in its organisational behaviour were implemented through the appointment of Ullman. Its decentralised merchandising drove the growth of the company, however by the s the system saw problems as competitors moved to a centralised merchandising and inventory systems.

However the low morale that had resulted would have turned around once the cultural initiatives that were implemented started showing positive effects. Sams was apparently critical of the informality of staff calling each other by their first names as he believed that it did not show enough dignity and respect.

These changes brought about the opening of about 46 new stores in between and Requirement to adapt to external pressures and the need to survive. The sales associate knew the pricing system, he knew the price would be lowered, and he knew he could offer me free shipping as the price would probably be lowered yet again in a few more days.

The lessons learned from the culture change initiatives were, that although resistance by employees was met, if management were committed to and persisted with meaningful changes over the long term the culture can change and employees will become more positive in regard to positions which in turn should flow through to customers.

Unfreezing — reducing the forces which maintains present organisational behaviours Movement — development of new attitudes or behaviour and implementation of change Refreezing — stabilizing change at new level and reinforcement through support mechanisms The table below shows the implementation of the above model to the changes that have taken place in JCP.

After being in existence for over one hundred years JCP had entrenched values that would take concerted efforts to change. DuBrin, Dalglish and MillerPg.

He also felt that the culture and mood prevalent at JCP was not conducive to the achievement of the aggressive growth objectives set by the company. The need for change were inevitable, rigorous changes were carried from top-level management to lower-level management; these changes were made through: DuBrin, Dalglish and MillerPg.

However in light of the leadership skills and abilities that Ullman brought to JCP, it was a gamble that was worth the risk that the board took. Give your comments with reasons. However in light of the leadership skills and abilities that Ullman brought to JCP, it was a gamble that was worth the risk that the board took.

On the contrary, a host of individuals and interest groups are normally trying to shape the culture according to their vision or interests. Soon afterwards, Castagna left the company. This case is about the initiatives taken by the top management of department store chain JC Penney JCPunder the leadership of Mike Ullman Ullmanto remake its century-old organizational culture.

Soon afterwards, Castagna left the company.Organisational Culture Jc Penney.

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11 November DuBrin, Dalglish and Miller (, Pg. ) also identify four ways in which the organisational culture can be influenced: •The beliefs and values of the organisations founder.

James C Penney bought his first shop inwas the CEO until and remained as the Chairman of the. In the process, Johnson’s style clashed not just with the desires of JC Penney’s customers, but also with the culture of the organization. He tried to change a lot of things at once—some of which were working well for the company.

SYNOPSIS JC Penney Corporation (JCP) is a more-than-one-hundred-year-old company which has got into trouble in the late s and the early s, but a dramatic turnaround happened after the good leadership quality of few key people, Questrom and Castagna between year to ; Mike Ullman and Theilmann between year and onwards.

Transcript of Organisational Culture, Leadership and Change at JC Penney.

Remaking JC Penney's Organizational Culture

Organisational Culture, Leadership and Change at Company Background First retail store opened by James Cash Penney The Penney Idea formulated in James C. Penney Foundation established in.

This case is about the initiatives undertaken by the top management of department store chain JC Penney (JCP), under the leadership of Mike Ullman, to remake its century-old organisational culture.

The initiatives were taken just after JCP had achieved a remarkable turnaround in the mid s. Handy’s framework of organisational culture Before: Power Culture centralized power around a small group. organisation exists only to serve and assist the individuals within it.(Handy ) JCP’s initial structure was rigid in nature.

Organisational culture jc penney
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